Retainer, Schmetainer -- Pay As You Go!

Something curious has happened. The internet, despite having been around and mainstream for about 25 years now, is still sweeping our feet out from under us. In the long memory of history, we as humanity just sort of...woke up and everything was connected.

In a lot of ways, we’re still reacting to it -- using old tools to handle this new thing. Sometimes it works but a lot of times, it’s just not a good fit.

I think the way we’re handling contracts and project payments is one of those old tools that don’t fit.

Basically anything before the digital age was, well, analog. There was a certain degree of physicality and construction to any project. Even if it was something ‘less physical’ like radio or phones, there still needed to be some sort of infrastructure laid down -- stations, power lines, etc.

Every one of those projects needed a good amount of money paid up front. You needed to know you could afford the lumber and cement to build the office before you could commit to building the office.

But digital projects aren’t like that. Time and again I watch as dev shops ask for their rate like they’re a contractor or a hitman. Half now, half when we’re done.

This, I feel, is unnecessary.

At PXP, we let the client figure out their throttle and bill them weekly. Oh, sure, we’ve gotten into the guts of an idea and come up with an estimate but that’s a hazy notion of budget and time.

PXP works like this:

We never want a client to feel like they’re out of control when it comes to their money. At the end of the day, they’re the ones in charge of the budget. Nothing discourages a client more than paying half their budget to a dev team and watching their investment struggle.

Enter the digital age and watch your money work at the right pace.

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