Don't Shop Yourself Out Of A Good Idea

You might have run into this situation yourself: you’re looking for a dev team, you’re on a tight budget, and you find a guy working independent.

He’s excited, willing, and he’s been in the game for a bit. As an independent, he’s not asking for a shop rate that supports teams. Just a decent $70/hour kind of gig. This is cheap, he seems efficient, but have you considered what might happen to your timeline? It’s hard to churn out a whole website as just one guy (believe me I spent the first four years of PXP trying to be him!).

Your project might need a bit more manpower.

More manpower doesn’t come cheap but you can definitely keep an eye out for, say, smaller teams in need of some work. They’re usually willing to shift with you on the price because, hey, any port in a storm. While that’s not a red flag certainly, it may hint at a level of inexperience -- either in development or business.

We’ve all been there. Everyone has to start somewhere. But it’s in your best interest to consider your dev team’s makeup and efficiency. I’m always happy to find these kinds of dev teams, myself. They’ve got a lot of love for the game, they ace those easier projects, and they just need a few more sites and apps under their belt to catch that friction to speed off into even better opportunities.

But maybe your project needs more experience.

To increase the likelihood of finding the perfect match, keep in mind that shopping for a good rate is one thing -- shopping for the cheapest is another. Remember that it’s your project and your money. Don’t be afraid to pay a bit more for a sharper, simpler product at first.

What your project might need is a business relationship.

The right dev shop won’t want you to spend all your money on manpower. They’re going to want to see your project take to the air and become something greater.

At PXP, joining us with achievable goals is the first step to a long lasting relationship. A partnership that bears itself toward iterating on your ideas in order to create the amazing.

These days, digital infrastructure is becoming more and more a vital need rather than a nice thing to have. Whether you’re producing a physical product, an app, or a website advertising your services, your digital facing is an important investment.

Don’t just make sure you have the money for it. Be sure you have the team for it.

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