How a Dev Shop Boosts Your Marketing Agency

As a marketing agency, your highest priority is often not the backend of your websites. But it’s got to be done. You can do it yourself (heck anyone can *make* a website these days) but that might not be the best option, given your time, money, or objectives.

Hiring a dev team reduces the load from time and objectives and with the right team, it might also save you manhours of money. You’ll want to make sure, though, that your team works with you -- not for you.

You’ll want to first make sure that there isn’t a baked-in conflict of interest. If you focus on ideation and content...and your dev team does too...then you’ve got two choices:

You avoid hiring them for that section of their toolbox -- which means you’re probably overpaying high-skilled individuals for only a portion of their abilities


You hire them to help you with content -- and risk your own clients cutting out the middleman and hiring your dev shop.

Neither is a great option. So it’s best to make sure that your dev shop can help you out technically but not outshine you in your own sphere of influence.

You also want to be aware of their shoprate -- and decide whether it’s a good fit for your organization. You can hire an independent developer for as low as $70/hour...but you won’t have a team. If you’re not keeping him busy or keeping him too busy, you might be losing value. In PXP’s experience, the expected shop rate is usually 150-200/hour but we’re happy to charge less for longer commitments. We’re a fan of long partnerships that both parties can rely on.

Once you’re happy with the money side of things, you’ll want to be sure to give the right amount of leash to your devs. Often, without direction or communication, dev teams can flounder on an objective. But micromanaging a team of developers can also shoot your projects in the foot when you’re burning through your time and theirs to get the little details just right. A good dev team can run circles with enough autonomy and direction.

The most important thing you should hunt for (and hopefully find!) is a dev team that cares about your project. We look out for all the things that agencies don’t think of: Security, cost of maintaining the site, the future of the server and the site. We don’t do hosting fees but we’re still on the lookout for them.

So in summary: a dev shop that a) is not competition, b) has a well-tuned shoprate based on experience, and c) cares about seeing your project succeed can be a priceless investment for your marketing products. PXP focuses on all three.

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