The Business of Your Passion

We all have something we want to do. Odds are, if you’re reading this, you’re either looking for a way to make money off of it -- or you’re well on your way there already. It could be a start-up idea or a hobby-turned-career. Whatever it is, you’re prepared to finally start making money by doing what you love.

Or are you?

This is a harsh reality that most folks aren’t ready for. But it does a good job at separating those who dream from those that do:

If you are ready to make this whole thing work -- you will be ready to do what you hate in order to sustain it. Things like:

  1. Taxes
  2. Organization
  3. Meetings
  4. Business disputes

Take me for example. I’m a web developer who owns a business that, in order for it to soar, had taken on the role: LORD OF ALL THINGS FINANCIAL.

It was reporting, taxes, meetings, selling. All of it. I didn’t do it because I wanted to do. I did it because I had to. Because we had racked up enough clients, projects, and revenue that someone had to spin all these plates.

Luckily, these days, I’ve found a few wonderful people who are much better at it than me.

But before all that, this was my routine for years:

It came to a point where I didn’t code for weeks. My passion-turned-career had vanished and now I looked more like a money-shifting, project-selling, business robot. I hated it...but I did it because that’s what was needed to sustain this magic at the moment. Not only did it support me and my family, I was helping others learn to code and support themselves financially.

But at my core, I’m a developer. And eventually it started getting to me. I longed for web development, meetings grated on me, and every morning I woke up dreading the work. What could I do? I needed help.

Here’s where we come back to those beautiful people.

I needed to pull the weight off my shoulders. The financial hoops had to be delegated to someone else (because after a particularly short-sighted mistake on my part, no one had been paid in a bit). But I couldn’t just...slough it off and pretend it would sort itself out.

I had to make sure that I had the money to pay new people, which meant I needed projects to do, which meant I needed developers who could take on the load. Only then, could I bring someone on to refine my financial process.

It took many 60 hour weeks and it’s hard to think of a time I might have hated more. But I did it. After a lot of work and management, we leveled off. I’ve got a wonderful accountant, a sales guy, and an analyst now. The projects are coming in hot. And I’m looking for more developers to handle the work.

And I’m coding again.

Yeah, meetings still need to happen. And I’ve got to make sure the gears are greased. But I’m happy to say that all the work I hated doing was for a job I love.

You will not be able to make it doing just your passion. No matter how many web sites you program or articles you write, there are steps outside of your passion that must be done in order to pursue a career.

If those steps aren’t your bag. You’re going to hate it. But you’ll do it. And it’ll be worth it.

I promise.

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